Hours of Service Rules (Trucker’s Sabbath)

Truck drivers are carefully monitored. Our working hours are legislated and monitored by our company and then the law keepers…the Ministry of Transportation MTO (or in the states Dept of Transportation, DOT). We are pulled into spot check areas where our truck is weighed, and checked for mechanical compliance to the law, and our daily logs are inspected to see if we are obeying the Hours of Service Rules as well as completing our mechanical checks daily as the law requires of us.

You should feel happy about how strictly regulated the trucking industry has become. You should because most people in the industry aren’t. I believe the roads are much safer because of the restrictions placed on drivers and companies.

Because we drive in both US and Canada Schneider asks us to drive by American rules (more restrictive than Canadian).  These are listed below,

  • Drivers may drive a maximum of 11 hours after 10 consecutive hours off duty.
  • A Driver may not drive beyond the 14th hour after coming on duty, following 10 consecutive hours off duty.
  • A driver may not drive after 70 hours on duty in 8 consecutive days.
  • A driver may restart a 8 consecutive day period after taking 34 or more consecutive hours off duty.
  • CMV(commercial motor vehicle) drivers using the sleeper berth provision must take at least 8 consecutive hours in the sleeper berth, plus 2 consecutive hours either in the sleeper berth, off duty, or any combination of the two

We have been driving pretty steady for the last 9 days and we are both “out of hours.” We have used up our 70 hours and need to stop for 34 hours to reset. Paul & I are both grateful that the law enforces rest for us.

It reminds me of how wise our Lord was when he “imposed” a one day in seven rule for us. One day to rest and to focus on His truth. One day to stop to reset and be blessed with Him. A sabbath is not an old idea. The government of Canada and the United States know how important it is to regulate rest and they spend alot of effort, money and time to do it.

Thank you Lord for rest…and thank you for work…but thank you for enforced rest. You are wise.

Promise: Psalm 3:5 I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the LORD sustains me

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